Avv.Cristina Romano, Media and Data Protection Lawyer

Avv. Cristina Romano

Media and Data Protection law

Nowadays, media and data protection law is functional to several activities carried out in each sector of the Industry and it is a good ally of innovative start-ups. The world of communication and technology information is continuously evolving and this means new opportunities, as well as new rules and new strategies. Hence, the continuos dialog between the players on the market and the legal experts is the way to understand this evolution, as well as a competent taylor-made advice is the key to add value to any kind of businesses.

I work on many projects regarding start-ups by providing my legal advice and by organizing training courses in matter of media and data protection law in Italy, Germany or elsewhere. This branch of the law is very relevant in relation to the majority of the activities carried out by innovative and internet-based enterprises. Hence, an in-depth understanding of the legal aspects is pivotal to make their businesses more competitive on the market.

Freedom of expression
I also work on projects in matter of freedom of expression and intellectual property, supporting photographers, journalists and writers.